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Rethink paper: textiles and ceramics made from recycled cellulose

Every day, around 83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced worldwide, and around 27,000 trees are felled every day for their production. Large quantities of cellulose thus end up in urban wastewater every day - and this at a time when resource-conserving and sustainable (re)thinking and action are becoming increasingly urgent. The greenlab research laboratory at the Weißensee Academy of Art and Design focuses on the "circular economy" in materials research.

How could we transfer cellulose from wastewater into another material cycle? What potential is there in the recycled material? And can we not only rethink the material, but also overcome our reservations?

Nicholas Plunkett talks about the research lab as well as his experiences with the recycled resource cellulose and presents textile works from the project "Fecal Matters" carried out together with Elisabetta Goltermann, Melissa Kramer and Lobke Beckfeld as well as his paper ceramics "11 percent".

Do., 17.11.2022  

Start: 17:00 pm

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