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Paper and light are the media of the artist Barbara Beisinghoff. Inspired by the traditional technique of punctuation in paper called Lichtzeichen (Italian: filigree) which was first used by Petrarch in the 14th century, Beisinghoff brings delicate and light-sensitive forms into handmade paper. The cycle Lichtzeichen is represented exclusively by the Haus des Papiers. Barbara Beisinghoff was born in Hermannsburg in 1945. She studied art education and free painting in Hanover. Her works are exhibited in public collections and museums in Europe, Canada, the USA, Peru, Korea and China, including the National Museum in Krakow, The Library of the Congress and the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington. She has received the Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Prize for Fine Arts, the International Senefelder Prize for Lithography, the Stadtdrucker Prize Mainz and the Heitland Foundation Art Award.

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