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Boxing and portfolio course with Beate and Robin Bock

As ubiquitous, everyday and sometimes hardly noticed as paper surrounds us, it is just as attractive.

In the House of Paper we will dedicate an evening to everyday paper objects in the form of boxes and folders. Together we would like to transform a simple cardboard into a beautiful box and process simple cardboard into a poetic folder.

Under the guidance of Beate and Robin Bock we will carve a cardboard box, put it together and cover it with colored paper. 

We will cover the folder in Din A4 format with fabric and paper, which we will equip with cardboard pockets on the inside. 

23 July 2022    postponed 

Replacement date to be announced

Start: 5:00pm

Duration approx. 3 hours

Maximum number of participants: 10 people

Tickets: €18

Material costs are included in the ticket price.

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