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Conversation with dr Sandra Pisot,
Head of the Old Masters Collection, Hamburger Kunsthalle

Doctor Sandra Pisot heads the Old Masters Collection in the Kunsthalle Hamburg.

In doing so, she is not afraid to juxtapose these epochs of contemporary art, to connect them, to put them in a dialogue and thus to create amazing connections. Pisot managed a real coup with the highly acclaimed and - due to the enormous public interest - extended exhibition "Class Society":


She combined the view of the present and society of the old masters with a current view of our present and society through the eye of the artist Lars Eidinger and Stefan Marx. The resulting combinations were amazing and open your eyes to how close today's everyday life is to that of past centuries.


We are happy, dr. Sandra Pisot in the House of Paper for an open discussion and invite you to be part of our conversation about ideas and their implementation, about successes and failures and the joy of art.

Photo: Romanus Fuhrmann

01 September 2022

Start: 6:00 p.m

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