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Goekhan Erdogan's works are characterised by a focus on the essential, using elements such as variation and repetition. The forms of his works are determined by the production process. He often works in series and uses a passport photo as the starting point for his works. Philosophical, art-historical and social-historical aspects flow into the examination of his own self-portrait. The result of these reflections is often of a high minimalist quality. Erdogan frees the photographic images from their usual formal framework and forces the paper into unusual shapes. In doing so, he transforms the motifs to such an extent that they are ultimately present in the work as an abstract idea. The five works from this series are represented exclusively by Haus des Papiers. Goekhan Erdogan was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1978. He studied at the HfbK Städelschule Frankfurt and the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach. Winner of the Dieter Haack Award 2011. Regular solo and group exhibitions in galleries and art associations in Germany, especially in the Rhine-Main area, as well as in various locations in Europe.

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