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Inversion is the major theme in Alex Lebus' work - opposites, paradoxes, reversal of things and messages. She works predominantly with mirrors and writing, often in combination, allowing new levels of meaning to emerge through skilful play of light and dark. Her sculpture Blutlappen was created in a process that she herself describes as the experience of a painful flaying. Her use of watercolour paper and water creates flowing material structures that sometimes resemble skin, sometimes flesh and sometimes textile fabrics. She always plays with double bottoms and surprising turns of thought. Alex Lebus was born in Magdeburg in 1980. She studied design and industrial design in Magdeburg, followed by art studies at HfBK in Dresden and in Manchester, UK. She was a master student of Eberhard Bosslet; since then she has participated in exhibitions throughout Europe; scholarships and awards including: the Hegenbarth Scholarship and Leonardo Scholarship. Artist in Residence at Q2 Museumsquartier Vienna. In 2021, she was a fellow of the Paper Residency! Programme.

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