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Paper laboratory - experiments with paper

Did you know that paper is super strong?

And thirsty?

And did you know that it can even bloom, like a flower?

We want to show you what paper can do and do research together in the paper laboratory. 

To note:

Participation only with an accompanying adult.

We are a private museum, and offer no liability like childminders offer.

The accompanying persons must sign an informal declaration that they have the duty of supervision and are therefore liable for damage caused by the child as well as injuries to the child.

Unfortunately, for insurance reasons, we are not allowed to let any children participate without signing this informal declaration of liability.

August 13, 2022


Duration:approx. 2 hours

€10 per child

Contribution including material

There are no additional participation costs for the accompanying adult.

An accompanying adult can also accompany several children.

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