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Scholarship recipients of the Paper Residency ! 2021


Eleni Wittbrodt 

Fee Kleiß 

Alicia Kwade




What is the

The Paper Residency! would like to strengthen the public perception of the material paper and fine art print. There are good arguments for this: archival stability, sustainability of the raw materials, haptic pleasure, brilliance of the print results, and diverse possibilities for artistic processing.

The annual artist-in-residence project was launched in 2017 by d'mage and its partners Canon and Hahnemühle. In the meantime it has grown to three summer residences in Berlin and one summer residence in Munich. The candidates are selected by a jury of experts from the art scene.

The residencies are aimed at visual artists who already have experience with sculptural paper work, but also those who have an innovative concept or an exciting idea of how they would like to work with paper as a material. The aim of the residencies is to inspire artists to work with paper in a completely free and experimental way. 


Selected works by the scholarship holders that are created during the residencies,

become part of our Paper House collection. 

More information about the residences can be found here.

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