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Founders Talk with Annette Berr and Ul Vohrer

It starts! We have designed an exciting series of events for you - already on Friday, July 24th. we invite you to the first event of the summer: 


For those who aim high: 


On Friday, June 24th, we are hosting an inspiring Founders Talk with the founders of our museum: Annette Berr and Ul Vohrer. The evening will be moderated by Samira Lucas. 


We offer you an exciting insight into the creative and entrepreneurial minds behind our Museum of Fine Paper Art. As a team of strong and ambitious women, we want to encourage others to take the next big step and claim their place in our society. 


As a teaser, this first event will be free, but we are happy to accept donations - we are currently collecting for a flagship that will allow us to draw even more attention to ourselves. 


Beginn: 17:30 Uhr

Die Plätze sind limitiert, also meldet Euch so bald wie möglich über den Button oder per Email unter an!

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